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Quitting my Obsessive Game Addiction

Weed actually helps me get focused and motivated. I think games have a lot more harm potential (for me, anyway, I believe everyone who says weed just turns them into couch potatoes, but for me it’s focusing and energizing—everything becomes interesting so it’s a lot easier to complete unpleasant/arduous tasks).

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Red Pill knowledge from Napoleon Bonaparte

The notion of “higher” is something I disagree with. Men’s goals are not “higher,” they are just different. In fact, making children is far more important or “higher”—if you need that bullshit—than some abstract concept like a country or a mathematical theorem. We are not “higher” than women, just different.

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Three Harsh Truths About Cold Approach Pickup

Lose fat => face gains

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The subconscious results of lifting. (For beginners)

Maybe you’re not eating enough or the right foods?

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Don't Get Cucked By Conservatives

Snowflakes gonna snowflake.

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Feminism kills, literally – a real world example

OP: “Even though I don’t know if she actually committed suicide or how, feminism caused my colleague to commit suicide.”

Also OP: “Stop with the psycho babble, you’re reading way too much into this.”

Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by nofaprecommender

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