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We're Right and You're Wrong

I don't like communists. That doesn't mean I am against working class. Or like communists, because communists pretend they care about working class.

Similarly my main issue is you. And the obviously cult like invocation with the way you rephrase the sidebar ideas. Try to tone that shit down or GTFO.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by nattlife
We're Right and You're Wrong

How about no.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by nattlife
Learn how to game mentally ill women, because most women are mentally ill

which is an interesting point, isn't?

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by nattlife
The Importance of Advertising
Context | Full Comments | submitted 10 months ago by nattlife
Lector goes full Red Pill in class

"The human, that is the man".

What does that mean, actually?

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by nattlife
Bouncer tales

Not just hands around the waist, but girls literally grabbing my crotch and chest.

Believe it or not, its literally their way of determining whether you have the good package or not.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by nattlife

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