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"Hi, Can I practice flirting with you for 10 minutes? I'm following this online guide on how to pick up chicks."

Lmao, 6'2 gym bro here also.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by nananaNate8
If you weren't sure there's a war on men, check it out: "Hey, white guys: New Year's Resolutions" -MTV

I'm not racist, I even own a black guy.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by nananaNate8
What's killing your game? Dopamine abuse.

I'm curious what you'll say about this situation. I smoke weed pretty regularly since school started this semester and I started having shitty gym days. I linked getting high every night to having a bad gym day the next day. After research I reinforced my belief weed made my workouts shit. Then I said to myself, wait you're better than that, no plant is gonna cost you gains! I still smoke all...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 years ago by nananaNate8

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