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A Reminder of Reddit’s Definition of “positive” male content

Interestingly enough, if you scroll down to the comment section of that article, they do a pretty good job of calling him out on his bullshit.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by mrcs84usn
What's the worst that a woman that's turned against a man can do to a man? Quora reveals a lot -- especially the warning signs and red flags before the big shock happens.

You never really know a woman until you've met her in court.

It's pretty common knowledge that the legal system is anti-male. I'm assuming it's especially bad in Massachusetts.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by mrcs84usn
The only thing going on dates has taught me is that prostitution is worth an investment

One thing I've done is that we'd go to the grocery store deli and split a sub sandwich. Get drinks/chips if you want, and then go to a park or something else that's pretty much free. Ice cream, coffee, Jamba Juice are all cheap as well.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by mrcs84usn
"Older men getting with 20 year olds is a TRP revenge fantasy..." Oops! Maybe not!

A friend of mine [F19] was ranting about how her 53 y/o dad was dating a 26 y/o woman. Her comment was about how gross it was. My response was "I'm sure she thought the same thing when she was your age."

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by mrcs84usn
Feminism is CANCER

Sounds like one of those classes where you ignore the teacher and just work on homework for other classes, and you could still pass with at least a B. Wanting students to be "well rounded" by requiring X humanities credits is the only reason that class hasn't been completely cut.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 12 months ago by mrcs84usn
"No Ring, No Baby: How Marriage Trends Impact Fertility"

Started reading through this sub. It's like "Blue Pill Examples" on steroids.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by mrcs84usn

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