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For women to be alpha-seeking or beta seeking depends on more than just their age

This is the simplest way to put it, yes.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 days ago by majani
Some words of wisdom from an old pro I met

Reality is, most men are average/low SMV, and their best sexual strategy is to give one low SMV woman all the effort they can. Redpill will always only be for a fraction of the small percentage of high SMV guys.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 weeks ago by majani
Tinder is the ultimate legal pimp

More likely he has no filter for women he's willing to fuck. Fucking many random chics is easy once you have a gathering of single women. It's the quality control that lowers hit rate.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by majani
Christianity may be founded on an alpha fux beta bux situation

I know it's hard to imagine the sweet Virgin Mary being dicked down porn style, but this is the ultimate AWALT.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by majani
The Red Pill will one day become mainstream

Unfortunately I disagree. The red pill is for go getting men. If you understand the goal of civilization(to eliminate Darwinism in humans) then you'll realise that because of that, modern society will always have weak men in our midst in large numbers.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by majani
Hitting the Coveted Top 20 - No, You Don't Need to Be the Next Boy Band Sensation

I down voted you for derailing the discussion. We're here to talk about getting into the top 20%

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by majani

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