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Dane50 8 months ago

@lucashood2018 don’t care, focus on other prospects.

Doctordinglefuck 8 months ago

@lucashood2018 okay, good on you for noticing the problem. At least you're aware of it. Now you need to be able to look someone in the eye until they look away, about 100 times. Make a checklist, go out in public with this checklist on your phone or on pen and paper, and look 100 different people in the eye until they look away.

ThePackage 8 months ago

@lucashood2018 Short answer, you don't. A longer one would be that TRP/game will never help you get a specific girl, but rather girls in general, also that this is a classic example of oneitis/scarcity mentality. Try not to give it to much thought and don't give a shit whatever the result is.

lucashood2018 8 months ago

Im not really sure if the out of work coffee date is going to happen now and I don’t want to be the one to contact her first, any advice

lucashood2018 8 months ago

so I’m only starting to work on myself now. The other issue is that I really like this girl and if it had been a girl I had just met I wouldn’t have had been so submissive or shy. Can anyone offer some advice on how to possibly retrieve the situation.Its now Thursday and theres been no correspondence from either of us since Sunday night.

lucashood2018 8 months ago

this is where I think I fucked things up Its not so much anything I said but as I sat across from her I think I failed a test. She basically eyeballed the fuck out of me and I just couldn’t hold my nerve and not look away submissively. The problem is I am quite insecure I used to be very overweight and with very little dating experience

lucashood2018 8 months ago

her know when suited. A few days later one Sunday night I had to go into work for a few minutes to print some stuff off . The girl in question happened to be there that night as she sometimes goes in to work at the weekends to study for a masters degree shes currently doing. I asked her to come for a coffee in the canteen and she did and

lucashood2018 8 months ago

I've been texting back and forth this girl that works in the same company as I do but in completely different departments for the past few weeks . I am currently on vacation leave for 2 weeks and texted her asking if she cared to meet up for a coffee some day during the time I was off she said would definitely be on for it and just to let

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