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jwayne 6 days ago

@StoicRanger You're not the first to mention it.

destraht 6 days ago

@jwayne I'm aware of Finkelstein. The thing is that I already just get it and I'm also able to occasionally observe The Holocaust Industry in places like Krakow, Poland. If they had lions, tigers and monkeys to sell then they would be selling that but they have castles, cobblestones and stories about dead Jews so they work that angle instead. For me pointless to itemize every bullshit thing.

destraht about a week ago

@jwayne Rothschild and crew worked for at least a few generations to make it all happen. Throwing a few lay white Jews into the fire was the price to make it happen. The Jews bought off American Protestantism through Oxford University using the Scofield Reference Bible, which is basically just a bible with commentary to teach you that Israel is awesome.

destraht about a week ago

@jwayne Six million is 6x10^6 (one 6 from base, one 6 from exponent). Its one sig fig on their holy number 6. Its 6x10^6 died, 6x10^6 survived. Bullshit numbers! They got own country, fealty payments, unparalleled dominance, technology transfers, non-inspected nukes. Ask the Slavs around here, Jewish suffering and death is NOT biggest story of the 20th century unless you buy into the crap.

jwayne about a week ago

@destraht also i disagree... but theres a really good book called The Holocaust Industry by Norman Finkelstein you might be interested. Its about how much Israel benefits from its story of perpetual victimization and antisemitism as a cover for any criticism

jwayne about a week ago

@destraht I wasn't ready for that one

jwayne about a week ago

@Chaddeus_Rex Lets get it right, he claims to be the best at choosing speakers and organizing conventions. And as a result, being an unstopable entrepreneur who will save western civilization. Did I miss anything?

tb87670 about a week ago

@jwayne Never get into illicit trades unless you are aware of and accept the risks. Jail is the least of your concerns, in that business the term "cutting the competition off at the knees" takes a literal meaning. The harshness is likely due to the high profit margin. Gotta admit the idea of such a profitable business definitely tickles the greed centers in the brain if you could get away with it.

jwayne about a week ago

@destraht "If you had invested €1,000 in Apple stock in the beginning of 2012, you would have €1,670 in a year. Not bad. But if you had invested €1,000 in cocaine at the beginning of 2012, after a year you would have €182,000."

jwayne about a week ago

@destraht of interest, the 2nd mates bribe was only $50,000

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