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redpillschool about a day ago

@jwayne I'm just guessing at the stats. I'm not sure if I've seen anything suggesting that skinny / fit men are also experiencing it as a group. Only that men as a group are- and as a side note, everybody is experiencing the obesity epidemic.

jwayne about a day ago

@redpillschool What about all the non-obese males with low-T? Its obvious theres way more of them than there used to be, wouldn't you say?

jwayne about a day ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 You mean raise testosterone naturally? Just read the articles. You can get the TOT Bible by Jay Campbell for free now by signing up to his newsletter. That's more of an encyclopedia but I reference it often.

redpillschool 3 days ago

@jwayne T levels are going down. Waist lines are going up. I think it's more to do with obesity epidemic.

jwayne 3 days ago

@Kexryn For me, I don't know what caused low-T. I was really active as a kid and the best at sports until I hit puberty. From then on, I was skinny, nerdy, and didn't want to compete anymore. I think my testosterone flatlined basically. Later once I started treatments I physically changed dramatically and psychologically without doing much different. I had good genes but bad hormone profile.

jwayne 3 days ago

@Kexryn Pollutants like xenoestrogens from birth control flushed into our water, sedentary lifestyles from a young age, or other evironmental causes have been postulated - but the evidence of declining test is undisputed. Other than that its due to testicular or pituitary malfunction (or injury). Younger guys should try to raise levels naturally first, but doing treatment is a guaranteed backup.

jwayne 3 days ago

@SeasonedRP For the guy who summons the courage to get his level checked and needs to make a decision, he is told the risk of infertility, permanent shutdown and baldness - then all the other exaggerated possibilities (acne, hemocrit, maybe something else). Baldness is genetic, infertility (not 0%) and shutdown both can come back if you come off treatments.

jwayne 3 days ago

Am I the last to notice that Heartiste archive was reuploaded

tb87670 4 days ago

@jwayne It's the mentality that is starting to really short-wire me. The vegan that killed 100 baby rabbits trying to save 16 rabbits, the liberals that started a fire in an ICE facility that had the very illegals they thought they were saving inside, Antifa stashing guns even though they want them banned, feminists unable to find "viable" men. These people all have the same mental dysfunction.

SeasonedRP 5 days ago

@jwayne Risky? The incidence and severity of side effects are lower than for oral contraceptives. The medical establishment sensationalizes and lies about side effects, unless the subject is females transitioning to males. Then, side effects are discussed in a more truthful manner.

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