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jwayne 4 days ago

@Noblefiz from traditional cultures its more common, but globalization is making all societies more alike and these women are just in waiting at an opportunity to be corrupted. so if you go to a rural/traditional area of the world women have been brainwashed into natural gender roles and its a beautiful thing. but its evaporating

jwayne 4 days ago

@Pentalobe best years of your life are up ahead

replacemenwithalphas00 about a month ago

@jwayne @Noblefiz Do what makes you happy. Serial monogamy is fine, you don't have to juggle plates for the sake of it. Just don't take off your red-tint glasses.

Noblefiz about a month ago

@jwayne I still have the same issues. I can't give you any advice on how to grow out of it other than maybe we won't; well just need to adapt and not fall prey to those comfort habits. It's easy and dangerous. Self awareness and vigilance is needed on our part.

jwayne about a month ago

@Noblefiz I have BP beliefs too. I love affection, oxytocin, attachment, cuddling, holding hands, so on. But Iv never tried sleeping with multiple chicks at once - maybe Id like it. So far, I fuck one at a time with "plates" I talk to, just in case. Im early in RP though, maybe I'll grow out of the serial monogamy thing in the future

Noblefiz about a month ago

@jwayne I don't know. I suppose Iwas just really open to it all and didn't really disagree with much of it. Never really felt angry. It just made sense. But that's why I feel like I'm purple pill; cuz I never really let it sink in. So I have BP beliefs but with a RP lens.

jwayne about a month ago

@wrognspellign Date whomever treats you best. and cooks

DennyHardy 2 months ago

@jwayne @winninglosing I share the same sentiments. If you're already worried about appearing too needy you are in her frame. Use scarcity as a tool. Spin that plate, carry on with your life. Invite her out when you want to go. If the desire is genuine she'll find a way to meet you on your terms.

jwayne 2 months ago

@TheStoicCrane What happens politically is out of my control so I refuse to be emotionally affected by it. For me Western civilization is an abstraction used to manipulate people into feeling/identifying a certain way emotionally and acting obediently. The same nationalism is all over the world. The individual is a sacrifice.

DennyHardy 2 months ago

@jwayne @tb87670 our duty and role in being among the unplugged is to lend that open ear and guide the ill-informed to better themselves. The best we can do is offer wisdom. It is their choice whether or not to follow it. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. This is the modern day survival of the fittest.

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