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Hypergamy doesn't care - University edition

Women can’t find good men because they choose men who will dump them for someone else or better. It’s a subconscious marker of hypergamy.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a day ago by jbpostv
As long as you're not marrying her, the right amount to "invest" in a woman is however much it takes to get laid

You know what man thank you so much for acknowledging the randomness. I think it’s easy for us to beat ourselves up thinking there’s something we could have done to have succeeded with a certain plate but there’s virtually no way to know exactly how to game each girl be it pace, style, offering positive value or push pull asshole yadda yadda. Then puas and rp’s say OOH you’ve just...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 6 days ago by jbpostv
The Benefits of Hypergamy

As much as TRP can blend with MGTOW and assert we should never get married, marriage has been part of curbing the outrageous index of hypergamy that could be occurring right now. We have planes, phones, trains, dms and the internet providing women a means of selecting and positioning themselves for the alpha male. Without certain civilizational implementations, with today’s logistics women...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a week ago by jbpostv
Jeff Bezos to divorce wife of 25 years, leading to the costliest divorce settlement ever...

Honestly as much as we can define alpha as the orientation to successfully spin hella plates and never settle down, that's only in a sexual sense. Eliminating the alpha value of being wealthy, well known and powerful if it's not being converted into lays is only a way to undermine the success of others. TRP is an approach to one facet of life and it's not a lens through which to view...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a week ago by jbpostv
Cold approach at a restaurant with step summary.

Excellent walkthrough post. For new guys or even intermediates feeling a little nervousness, it can be common for your face to freeze during set, which doesn’t look “calm and collected”. It demonstrates fear, catatonia and can be avoided with some go to facial body language defaults. Whenever qualifying a girl, which is great bang for your buck imo, I give this pensive/mildly...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 weeks ago by jbpostv
The Feminist Reaction to Day Game

Good point man. Also PUA companies make money selling another circumstantial opportunity to game even if it’s less effective. More products more money. Tbh the majority of sexually successful men now and obviously in the past have never been exposed to the PUA community, which has helped me a lot having gone to all boys schools my whole youth, but some of which should be taken with a grain of...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 weeks ago by jbpostv

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