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Animated book summaries focusing on strategy, power & seduction with a flair for history. Subscribe at

"The life of man upon earth is a warfare"

bsutansalt 10 months ago

@illacertus What application or website are you guys using to animate these videos?

illacertus 10 months ago

Just uploaded my animation (Pt. 1/3) of The 33 Strategies of War

Rollo-Tomassi about a year ago

@illacertus This was really good.

illacertus about a year ago
redpillschool about a year ago

@illacertus It's good work, you should be proud.

illacertus about a year ago

"The 48 Laws of Power (Animated)" went viral hitting 600'000+ views. The subreddit sticky helped me launch the snowball from the mountain top. Thank you.

ipreferpi about a year ago

@illacertus Hey man, your animated series has been fantastic. Keep up the great work!

illacertus about a year ago
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