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revengerence 11 months ago

@iHoldAllTheAces HAHA, its the redpill reddit version of MGTOW!

CainPrice 11 months ago

@iHoldAllTheAces Reddit is a huge platform where any mention of The Red Pill, including "Boy, The Red Pill sure is hateful and evil and sucks a lot" adds to its readership. Without Reddit, some random forum on the internet with no publicity would just be a couple dozen guys circle-jerking.

redpillschool 11 months ago

@iHoldAllTheAces I actually like being on reddit. The longer we're on there, the more attention we get.

iHoldAllTheAces 11 months ago

This is going to be a unpopular opinion but, we should delete our subreddit ourselves and move to here. It would be the ultimate fuck you, they say that "if you are caught in a check mate, you can always kill your king yourself."Of course, we would back it up first. What do you guys think?

redpillschool 11 months ago

@iHoldAllTheAces Yup. We custom coded our own reddit-like forums. You can see them in the top right corner of this page (on desktop).

iHoldAllTheAces 11 months ago

Hello. So, there is a reddit alternative? Sweet.

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