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Location: NYS
Expertise: Marketing
Age: 25-30

Age: 25-30 | Location: NYS | Marketing
hoodrich 2 years ago

Just wrote up my first long-form field report filled with examples from the 48 Laws of Power. Lmk what you guys think (warning, it's kinda long at 2,013 words):

hoodrich 2 years ago

FR: Girl spends the night. I wanted to fuck in the AM so I initiate. She was ignoring me (shit test #1). Instead of trying to cuddle my way into sex (lol) I got up to make coffee & do dishes. Once I stopped giving her attention she got up and says she wants to fuck but doesn't have time (shit test #2). I tell her we can make time. We do.

hoodrich 3 years ago

Hi guys, this is pretty badass thanks for making it. I lurked and seldom posted on my reddit account because it's tied to my business but this is completely disconnected so I'm planning to participate a lot more now.