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destraht 3 weeks ago

@hoit I guess that its some of the better behaved SJW tech language policing. The problem though is that they always come back for more. Its at best an annoying gnat.

hoit 3 weeks ago

@destraht Nice. He's great at avoiding traps and gives a lot of consideration to how he is perceived.

hoit about a month ago

@redpillschool I'm thankful for you and those who helped establish a more secure forum. Very important.

hoit about a month ago

Women don't have the physiology to feel secure in their own hierarchies, so they resort to argument for problem solving among themselves. Men hit harder thus argue less so problem solving is less likely to be emotionally charged. Men discuss calmly. If you argue with a woman she sees you are not a respected man, but a bitch like her.

hoit about a month ago

@redpillschool The casual dehumanizing of the 'other' demonstrated in the reviews is how I imagine it must feel living in more old-school status conscious places, like being black the US or England.

hoit about a month ago

Sometimes a girl will shit test you by being stupid. You actually pass it by being slightly annoyed; in an authoritative way. She wants to be shushed. Wants to feel a power differential. Yes there is some power she can wield over guys. But she wants to let go. She wants you to be able to recognize her submission and take it for granted.

hoit about a month ago

@Noblefiz In my experience this is more likely found in girls who: are foreign/non-westernized, studied STEM or a professional degree, are from smaller towns or the countryside, no experience with tattoos/smoking/drugs, and of course are young (below 23). Also, of course: has a good father.

hoit about a month ago

@GayLubeOil "The whole point of school is to load you up with those identifiers. 'Because you love America, jump in front of a machine gun.'"

hoit about a month ago

@GayLubeOil "Don't answer their questions, ask questions about their questions. They're gonna have to make a concrete statement at some point. And when they do, then you use their truth and their truth will answer all of their questions." Saying what we're all thinking! Women just don't systematize anything on the scale men do.

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