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hoit about a week ago

@TheStoicCrane "Defeating the new world order starts in one place. When men and women understand that a man is not whole and a woman is not whole.... Humanity is the interface of man and woman." And I like that he discusses female dominance. It's always been anecdotally obvious that women are more often in charge, and this gets ignored.

hoit about a week ago

@GayLubeOil The redpill community in particular?

hoit about a month ago

Looking for some feedback. Starting to do field reports to properly digest my reference experiences.

jwayne about a month ago

@hoit @TheStoicCrane Build an empire and leave a legacy. With your genetic lineage, your impact on others lives, live on in the memories of those who respected you and by protecting those people and things you care about and enlarging your capacity to do so (i.e. power/capital).

hoit about a month ago

@Noblefiz As @poisenpen said, they're not so shortsighted that they're only thinking nationally.

Poisenpen about a month ago

@hoit We have Hil-dawgs #2 and her personal emails that were leaked by wiki-leaks. Here is a list of the most damning. Your thought process is 100%. Warning: This list consists of many black-pills. Evil shit, however, once you swallow them you'll understand everything Trump is actually doing. I.e. Venezuela.

Noblefiz about a month ago

@hoit I wonder if they ever consider that an invading force, once done conquering a population would then turn on the companies that populate the country they conquered. Seems pretty counterproductive. I would want the population dumb but willing to protect my interests if I was interested in such things...

hoit about a month ago

@Noblefiz Making them unable to revolt against oligarchs. I can't find it, but I read an article about oligarchs' approach to their own security against government, taxes and plebs; involving depopulation and political misdirection. It sounds very conspiratorial, but it makes a lot of sense.

hoit about a month ago

@TheStoicCrane That's where mercenaries and travelers come from. We need to seek out an acceptable system to take part in, or do some trail-blazing, looking to establish some semblance of peace where we can. I'm starting to think the only bastion left is using my white privilege; go to some country where being white affords some respect.

Noblefiz about a month ago

@hoit but what's the purpose behind wanting your own countrys' population not being able to fight?

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