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State of Mind Mastery Part II: Relentless Positiveness

It's a heavy ball you need to start pushing. Starting out every little thing can be interpreted by your sub conscious as a negative, but really it's just a habit you've formed. It takes time and patience to make it out the other side. Do you take rejection as - "she doesn't like me, I must be worthless." Someone with a positive outlook might think, "I'm glad she rejected me up...[More]

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"Hi, Can I practice flirting with you for 10 minutes? I'm following this online guide on how to pick up chicks."

you shouldn't roll more than twice a year. your brain needs time to recover

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Key points to hold your frame with girls and succeed.

what is the boxer analogy?

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Your time is your greatest asset. Be selective about how you spend it.

Thank you for this

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