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Stay away from the BPD - Even if she is your daughter

BPD doesn't automatically mean that girl is a whore or cannot be a good company though. In my experience the real danger for a man is that the girl will sooner or later leave you and the "fun" the girl represented is now gone and suddenly you have this void inside you. That shit is dangerous. Count in potentional suicide tendencies(my ex actually tried to kill herself twice), "no...[More]

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Always Assume The Worst. Protect Yourself From Getting ‘Metooed’.

You know I am only 24 and i consider daily if i should just walk away from all this shit. Like literally just focus on me, my career and just leave girls for occasional fun. The longer i walk in this, the more i think its just not worth it. False rape accusations, all that female drama and the worst of all their fucking mood shifts.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by harbinger1945
Letting women misbehave
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