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Noblefiz 4 months ago

@ex_addict_bro i wouldn't want your sympathy. not like it would help me anyway. No I'm just in the process of readin NMMNG and realized how much I still use CCs in my daily. Thought I had managed to curb them but there are a lot that I never noticed.Simply being aware of them over the past few days has already made a decent difference tho

ex_addict_bro 4 months ago

@Noblefiz are you asking this questions because you genuinely have no effing idea... or are you trying to buy our sympathy for your "obvious hardship"? ... there's a simple way to drop the covert contracts and it involves not doing any. Also stop berating yourself, stop being pissed. Your journey has just begun.

ex_addict_bro 8 months ago

@Roowho nobody’s using apps actually if you have decent responsive design

ex_addict_bro 8 months ago

@TheStapler they went Alex Jones on that picture already

redpillschool 8 months ago

@ex_addict_bro His account is reddit verified. It's one in the same.

GayCuck 8 months ago

@ex_addict_bro shit, you're right. Well I bought a premium membership with these hard earned fast-food-restaurant shekels

Prime 8 months ago

@ex_addict_bro I'm not sure what you mean.

replacemenwithalphas00 8 months ago

@ex_addict_bro my wife's boyfriend lmao you would be surprised how not uncommon this is...

ex_addict_bro 8 months ago

@OmLaLa nvm, just saw your posts from 3 years ago. Good to see you black my brother. Are you coming to the Europe for the conference next year? You’re the only refugee I’m going to welcome with my arms open...

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