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Location: Seventh Circle of Hell
Age: 33

Relationship Philosophy:

“I told my girl, she was the 4th most important thing in my life. First, there’s Me, then my mother, my career, and then her. And, then bitch, if my moms dies, you don't move up because her memory would still be more important than you.”


I was lost for years. Now I follow the light (it gleams off the Iron).

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Age: 33 | Location: Seventh Circle of Hell
tb87670 5 months ago

@dustup Getting laid was my first step. Found TRPbefore it got all the noise and my only goal was sex. In pursuit of that initial goal I have expanded into many other goals to gain fulfillment in life. I have become much wiser on the way compared to where I would've been if I kept going bluepill. It's the journey, not the destination.

dustup 5 months ago

140 characters? Proofread your shit. 340 characters? Proofread your shit. A 15,000 word essay? Proofread your shit. Every typo should detract a point from your overall points. Every basic grammatical error is a historical display of your failure to critically edit and present the best of your own creations. Proofread your fucking shit.

dustup 5 months ago

@redpillschool nothing wrong with it but "I wanna get laid" isn't helping him get laid. I'm Doing, I'm Going, I'm Making are better at becoming I'm Fucking.

redpillschool 5 months ago

@dustup Nothing wrong with desiring sex.

dustup 5 months ago

@KnowledgeSlayer by your language, you're still putting pussy on pedestals. Pussy doesn't fuck down the pedestal. "I wanna" is for children and women.

dustup 5 months ago

@winninglosing Don't want to see mine, make your own instead. Write down your goals, write out the steps needed to achieve those goals, break down each step into daily+weekly+monthly achieveable steps, and then put the work in. This is all about Eating the Whale -- one bite at a time. Plan every knife, bite, and chew.

winninglosing 5 months ago

@dustup Would love to see a pic of this!

dustup 5 months ago

Finishing up my annual goal list: Immediate (1-3 months) Annual (12 months) and Long Term Goalposts (1-5 years). Each broken down into manageable, accomplishable baby steps. Success is planned and always achieved twice: first in the mind, then into reality. "Losing" & cousins do not appear on my list.

JPBernkastel 5 months ago

@dustup This is the correct answer

Noblefiz 5 months ago

@dustup amazing show. Fucking hilarious too. I'm laughing every other minute

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