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A woman's favourite male body part is a Spine.

Ever seen a fat woman riding shotgun in a ferrari? yeah, me neither

Expertise: Charm | Wit | Social Skills

"Born to lose - Live to win"

blue_dover 2 months ago

  How to get out of the friend zone #Women #Humour

blue_dover 16 hours ago

Flirting Masterclass - - Craig Feguson

blue_dover 23 hours ago

"We all die. It's just a scheduling issue." - The Private Man

blue_dover 3 days ago

Workout songs recommendation? [Non rap/hipop only]

blue_dover 4 days ago

@RedRum Oh. So like bad boy, investment banker, athlete, musician? That's the guy equivalent

blue_dover 4 days ago

3/2 "..A Red Pill man's counter to this is to rise above the need for sex by adopting a mentality of sexual abundance as he works towards creating an actual sexual abundance." - HumanSockPuppet

blue_dover 4 days ago

2/2 "..This is why modern discourse on the subject of relationships is built on a handful of sex-positive, blame-free, easy-to-remember platitudes that give women ways to evade accusations of indiscretion, infidelity, and classlessness. Women have only one weapon, one bargaining chip, so they must fight tooth and nail to protect it." -

blue_dover 4 days ago

1/2 "Women are unsophisticated creatures with small passions. They mistakenly equate sexual advances for relationship-worthiness, because in their untrained and undisciplined minds the lure of sex is all they should need to keep a man around. And because most modern men are sex-starved sycophants, women can almost get away with it..."

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