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A woman's favourite male body part is a Spine.

Ever seen a fat woman riding shotgun in a ferrari? yeah, me neither

Expertise: Charm | Wit | Social Skills

"Born to lose - Live to win"

blue_dover 4 months ago

  How to get out of the friend zone #Women #Humour

blue_dover about a day ago

Being high is how I imagine being normal feels like

blue_dover 2 days ago

Body dysmorphia - You never get bigger - everybody else just gets smaller #fitness

clavabot 3 days ago

@blue_dover Amen, "You are the sum of the 5 people you hang out with the most" - Someone somewere

blue_dover 3 days ago - are you fucking kidding me? Gender neutral code comments now? wtf google

blue_dover 4 days ago

if you hang out with 5 losers, you'll be the 6th

blue_dover 4 days ago - If you aren't following the Entrepreneurs in Cars channel you should - really great content by this guy!

blue_dover 4 days ago

Behind every yoked man at the gym is a backstory of a broken heart.

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