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Location: Noida
Expertise: web dev
Age: late 20


lost the way for more than a decade.

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Age: late 20 | Location: Noida | web dev
Spartan about a week ago

@ascending Old school masculinity

Calm under pressure Independent

Basically all the stereotypes of a man before WW2

ascending about a week ago

@bastenibba As a former basement dweller, I lack much life experience to define "what is masculinity?" for me. I let my instinct/gut guide me.

ascending about a week ago


Masculinity is pretty defined

How do you define it?

ascending about a week ago

@GayLubeOil What were you feeding him to turn him into pig?

ascending 5 months ago

I used to search main subreddit via google when I needed some wisdom. Now that's gone. Thanks quarantine. Reddit search is way shittier, nothings useful comes up. hmm..

ascending 7 months ago

@perrolo feminism is crusade to change the world vs. TRP is about changing yourself.

ascending 8 months ago

@redpillschool could try removing 'Posted' word too. I think that is obvious with context.

Timestamp on a row by its own looks odd, IMO.

redpillschool 8 months ago

@ascending Debating. I'll try it both ways.

ascending 8 months ago

@redpillschool looks neat. Liking the contrast between text and elements.

Timestamp could just be beside username though like

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