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_reboot 4 hours ago

I notice that men who refuse to accept any actions that lead to any increase in value are brainwashed to believe in a limited amount of posibilities.

_reboot about a week ago

A society that doesn't allow men to be who they are is bound to fall.

_reboot about a week ago

Accuse your enemies of that which you are guilty.

_reboot about a week ago

@redpillschool You mean Alpha Chat grin

_reboot 2 weeks ago

I'll just drop this here cause there was talk about child cucks:

_reboot 4 weeks ago

"Chads, if I can't have them at least i'll fuck them."- Every woman that ever existed

_reboot about a month ago

Shut up and fuck her brains out.

_reboot about a month ago

I remember all those times women tried to help me be the beta.

_reboot about a month ago

If babies were just a spiritual thing I would impregnate all women.

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