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_reboot 5 months ago

Women negociating commitment is the same as men negotiating attraction. We know how that ends.

_reboot 6 months ago

And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful house! And you may tell yourself This is not my beautiful wife!

_reboot 6 months ago

Any relationship that a woman has after fucking around is just damage control and has nothing to do with what the man in the relationship wants or his reasons for being in the relationship.

_reboot 6 months ago

And you may find yourself in a beautiful house With a beautiful wife And you may ask yourself, well How did I get here?

_reboot 6 months ago

You can't win. Only play without losing.

_reboot 8 months ago

Happiness kills us all.

RPFerro 8 months ago

@_reboot it wasnt an expansion, it was a reframe. Youre coming at the topic from the incorrect angle. Humans make tools to control or manipulate their environment. women benefit as a byproduct, but it's not FOR them

_reboot 8 months ago

@RPFerro I dont see in what ways your reply expands on what I wrote in the post.Humankind's capabilities goal is to make mankind's capabilities enhance womankind's capabilities.

RPFerro 8 months ago

@_reboot the goal of tech is to enhance humankind's capabilities. however, the typical use consists of humans doing more dumb shit, and doing it faster.

EsCherCixWyen 8 months ago

@_reboot Those were created by people who places a beta mindset before their biological needs.Think of the nerd boy in the class.They are the providers. They think how FI told them to think. 3 days ago, In Britain, a girl(8) was stabbed to death by a 54 yo man.People near me thought of how could they punish the man,none seeked the reason

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