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bastenibba 8 hours ago

@TheViolat0r no. But you should probably do it. When presented with an apparently clear choice, sometimes the right choice is the worst option. And this is a Lacanian concept, so you can't even call me a bad fren or an enabler

TheViolat0r 12 hours ago

@bastenibba k now i'm lost. Anyone ever asked you to sell meth for them? lol tempting when you want money bad enough.

bastenibba 16 hours ago

@TheViolat0r lol, maybe lay off the boof, you gotta integrate your experience or you'll lose your subjectivity

TheViolat0r 17 hours ago

@bastenibba yeah. I've lost my mind and I can't find it.

bastenibba 19 hours ago

@TheViolat0r you already know. That's why you're giving the silly coppers a hard time

TheViolat0r 19 hours ago

@bastenibba That's the plan and sometimes, I think so too.

bastenibba 22 hours ago

@TheViolat0r up the dose next time bruh. You tripping

TheViolat0r 22 hours ago

@bastenibba only thing I believe to be truly infinite, is death. I'd like proof of an endless universe :P

bastenibba 23 hours ago

@TheViolat0r except that one time I gazed into the core of my being and also looked into the sky and saw infinity, but I don't talk about that...

bastenibba about a day ago

@TheViolat0r yeah. I've yet to hallucinate on anything except sleep deprivation. And believe me, I've tried

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