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destraht 2 days ago

@TheTrenTrannyTrain Someone I know once got caught up with some bad business people but he was legit. There were people staking him out for a long while, maybe mafia(s) and/or the state. He came away squeaky clean almost like having a security clearance. If something came up then he got to borrow from his credit. Trump is in that kind of a situation.

TheTrenTrannyTrain 2 days ago

Epstein is going down, hope he will take down all the sick fucks in this world. Mark my words, Trump knew everything from the start, and now that he's GEOTUS and untouchable, he's going to finally put them all in jail forever.

TheTrenTrannyTrain 2 weeks ago

Just found out TD got quarantined.

RedRum about a month ago

@TheTrenTrannyTrain too many psuedo-intellectuals and arm chair terpers. The paranoid side me thinks it's actually an attempt to disenfranchise the sub. Reddit is petty and I wouldn't hold it past them to use /r/bluepill trolls and the like to turn the sub into garbage.

TheTrenTrannyTrain about a month ago

Was away from TRP for 2 months, came back to see the shitshow that's Rollo and 21Con. I've never liked 21Con after watching that video on jaw positioning and BS.

TheTrenTrannyTrain about a month ago

@RedRum The last time I had a FR, I was accused of liking too much to read my own erotic writing and putting up too much details.

TheTrenTrannyTrain 5 months ago

@redpillschool Lol, I once banged a fat chick cause I was BP and desperate, I learned a lot after that.

replacemenwithalphas00 6 months ago

@TheTrenTrannyTrain Looking forward to spot Eddie Hall with a wig...

TheTrenTrannyTrain 6 months ago

@MentORPHEUS Video is unavailable and comment section disabled.

TheTrenTrannyTrain 6 months ago

@replacemenwithalphas00 I'd pay to see a 250lbs mass monater identifies as a 100lbs woman.

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Man Sues Wife After Doctors Reveal He’s Not the Father of His 3 Sons Because He’s Infertile

IIRC there was a case of an Ontario father left for the Philippines after his nasty divorce. Basically the court ordered him to pay more than what he makes because one of his children is retarded, and the woman used the "I was pressured and didn't read the fucking contract before I sign" excuse.

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Just ignore her for a while

It workes for plates who are not shitty to you. I can see new TRP followers asking this in the asktrp thread.

"She's really mean to me, but an EC said I should cut contact and get in touch with her 3 months late, then her attraction will skyrocket. Will it work?"

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The Problems of Single Mothers

Single moms are fun, but I'm not raising someone else's cum dripping.

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"He Doesn't Deserve You"

Reminds me of my most recent experience when my blue pill self reared its ugly head.

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Women aren't rational, learn to revel in their irrationality, or die

Living in Asian and I agree. OP's parents are probably holding their breaths waiting for a grand kid to pop out of OP's ex. They only care about what they want and not what OP wants.

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Weak men will screw feminism up. - The Sexbots Are Coming

Looking forward to sexbots brothels.

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