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"Hi, Can I practice flirting with you for 10 minutes? I'm following this online guide on how to pick up chicks."

You abused it. There is a difference between abusing mdma and responsibly using it. The general suggestion is to wait 3 months before taking mdma again. You were doing more than double that for 3 years. Abusing mdma will 100% damage your brain

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Struggling with building habits? Try this.

To me, an upper/lower split is odd because I spend way less time on my leg day. All I do on leg day is squat and deadlift, whereas on upper body day I do bench, shoulder press, pullups or rows, tricep extensions, curls, face pulls etc.

Are there any more leg exercises I can do with just a barbell?

Context | Full Comments | submitted 5 months ago by SliDlux
Study finds women — including feminists — are more attracted to ‘benevolently sexist’ men

It’s not interesting. Transgenders shouldn’t be able to compete in the sports of the opposite gender just because they identify as that gender.

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Here's The Reason You're Not Seeing Any Progress In The Gym

Check out Ivysaur's 448. It has more volume as well as AMRAP sets.

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My fucking head hurts. This ain't fucking Cryptos

I don't see why you would consider that post a shitpost. I don't think you should make fitness easy, but I think what he was trying to say is that it shouldn't be looked at as a chore. Going to the gym should be something you look forward to (I certainly do), not something you have to force yourself to do. Because if its something you force yourself to do, and you don't enjoy it you'll end up...[More]

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The Holy Trinity of Masculinity: Frame, Game, and Lifting

What’s the pain from? I’m sure you could find a solution.

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