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Always strive to be the most dangerous man in the room.

cops and military seem to do it well... Krav Maga is an excellent path to take

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Shitonya_Johnson
How to TheRedPill with your ADHD

great writing thank you

and thank you for posting it in this sub

Context | Full Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Shitonya_Johnson
She's Bored, Evoking Emotion in Her

Excellent advice.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Shitonya_Johnson
A story for the Guy who ‘can’t believe she went back to her husband/boyfriend’.

Attention. Her being in the spotlight.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by Shitonya_Johnson
I didn't realize how easy it was to get a girl to have sex with you if you just ask

or bars are boring and become a waste of time.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by Shitonya_Johnson
Sometimes it isn't your lack of game but your lack of testosterone. If you have the test levels of a 80 year old cuck how do you expect to have any drive? Here is a science based guide to getting your T levels up naturally.

that is part of the problem. it's a slow bleed that can be hard to recognize

smoking every day has some unfortunate side effects. many of which are things people in this forum are trying to fix or avoid.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 12 months ago by Shitonya_Johnson

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