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Location: Israel
Expertise: Technology
Age: 32

"Got a money or tech question? Send it my way."
Age: 32 | Location: Israel | Technology
SafeWordIsCommitment 2 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil Eventually, society will reach equilibrium when all the people who eat burger king every day simply die off.

redpillschool about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment This is exactly what we're gearing up for.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

This CNN doxxing is a reminder of why we need #beta security. Maybe time move onto a new account name.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

Someone needs to invent Rape Insurance. If people actually believe that 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted, they might be dumb enough to buy insurance against an event that almost never actually happens.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@GayLubeOil That's actually pretty disgusting once the LOL factor wears off.

FullMetalAsshole about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment I've seen children with down syndrome have better form

RedRum about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment at least you got to be doped up on oxy. hands down best drug ever.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@RedRum lucky indeed. I won the first prize stupid trophy. $800 for a 10 minute ambulance ride. $8000 for the ER visit. 4 months of eating through a straw. That homeboy wasnt unarmed after all. LoL.

RedRum about a month ago

@SafeWordIsCommitment oh yeah I've had instances where they played dirty once they realized they fucked up. including life-threats during and (days) after the fight. Luckily nothing worse came about.

SafeWordIsCommitment about a month ago

@RedRum Libs who think violence is cool only ever experienced it in movies. I've had the misfortune (stupidity more like) of discovering a fist fight won't always stay a fist fight. Those libs you fought are lucky you weren't some hood rat with something to prove.

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