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BadBoyProgrammer 2 weeks ago

@SNguy Fear of escalating. Fear of kissing. Fear of sex. Fear of dirty talk. Ignore the politics. TRP is about sexual strategy.

SNguy 2 weeks ago

@Doctordinglefuck Other than approaching, what are some other actions to expose to fear?

winninglosing 3 weeks ago

@SNguy Thanks man. Easy does it, they say.

SNguy 3 weeks ago

Alternative view to @Rollo-Tomassi view of men's wall As men get older, it could be harder to find a quality (younger women may be harder to relate to). Don't fully agree, but good view regardless IF YOU want to get married. If you don't, don't worry about it.

SNguy 3 weeks ago

@winninglosing Good on the tap, stating name, showing social value ("friends are waiting), being clear about why ("you're cute"), and being direct ("you want to get coffee"). Not even 50 words either and to the point!

Noblefiz 3 weeks ago

@SNguy Just posted a link to "Backup Plans" that women have. And it's absolutely terrifying. We all know that women are inherently more Machiavellian than men. It's just wild to me that women actually discuss this overtly as if there's nothing wrong with it. And they know it's wrong. That's the worst part. Still blows my mind sometimes.

SNguy 3 weeks ago

When a rich family becomes the sucker. If you have kids, be careful out there & Recalling @RolloTomassi's "backup plan" chiks have

Thedoctor 3 weeks ago

@SNguy I normally take the lead. But this time she actually needed to meet so she doesn't feel a ONS.

SNguy 3 weeks ago

@Thedoctor Are you buying into her frame?

Her: We have to have a talk You: K

How about you say no and take the lead another time/date about another topic?

SNguy 4 weeks ago
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