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Always strive to be the most dangerous man in the room.

Krav Maga has the biggest potential for getting out of a fight in one piece since it's the only martial art promoting use of eye gouging, throat punching and kicking below the belt. However, it's downfall is the same reason as you seem to indicate it's the best, there's no sparring. Not knowing how to defend oneself or taking a punch makes most Krav Maga practitioners glass cannons that don't...[More]

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Why are girls conservative in high school but go wild in college?

Depends on fields and ambition. I'm in business and economics and we have one course at a time at a pretty high pace. Due to only being 2-3 hours of lectures a day, you can easily get a B minimum by studying for 6 hours a day, with maybe 2-3 hours of work on weekends. You could probably pass the courses by just studying the week before finals or 4-5 hours a day if you don't go to the lectures....[More]

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What Men Want: “Debt-Free Virgins Without Tattoos”

Tattoos for men have historically been connected to tribes and groups. Your average hipster tattoos have jack meaning, but there are certain tattoos for men with a lot stronger meaning behind them, such as those with military connections

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Castration of Odin: On the New Sexual-Consent Law in Sweden

While we don't have a lot of corruption in terms of companies getting preferences, we do have a lot of play within certain parties. The Social Democrats chose a guy to lead the police despite no previous knowledge on the subject (surprise, it failed), and he did such a bad job that he was by pretty much everyone known as being incompetent and the people wanted him gone. For example he made the...[More]

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Tips for short dudes

Might also be that they've been told that what's actually 5 inches is 7

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askTRP Megathread September 20

My first MMA match. My gym pretty much only consists of older guys with at least 30lbs on me so I was used to getting ragdolled by stronger and more skilled opponents.
Fight ended early in the first. Showcased that all work I put in and all the discomfort was worth it

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