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Location: Scandinavia
Age: 25-30

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Age: 25-30 | Location: Scandinavia
Pentalobe 2 months ago

@bastenibba Yeah, she left me. Hence me beeing here.

Pentalobe 2 months ago

@bastenibba You're a dick. Guess we are what we eat...

Pentalobe 2 months ago

@nr368 More a rhetorical question than anything, although you're completely right

nr368 2 months ago

@Pentalobe cuz u a bitch...just kidding. Man you're asking others on how you should feel. That's not anyone problem but your own. Just go out more and find a new one

Pentalobe 2 months ago

Some time since last update. Called it when she broke up: After less than a month, I heard from a friend she'd been fucking around, despite speeches about the break not being about that. Likely catalyzed by dumb shit I said and did as bluepill-despair got the better of me. Starting to socialize again. Why do I still love her so much?

Pentalobe 3 months ago

Can't get her out of my head, memories every-fuckin-where I go. NC is hard to do when your mind constantly betrays you... Going drinking with an old friend tonight, saying he'll bring some girls to cheer me up.

Pentalobe 4 months ago

@destraht Would like to, but no way I have the time nor the money. Studying for a new degree now, as the market for my first degree tanked along with the oil-"depression" a few years back...

Pentalobe 4 months ago

Back "home" now, got my crap packed up. She weren't home. Tried to get her back so we could talk it out like adults before I move tomorrow, but she weren't "ready to talk". If she's not ready to talk about this shit-show she's created, maybe she shouldn't have created it in the first place? I'm angry. Oh, and I'm taking the dog.

destraht 4 months ago

@Noblefiz Sure. I just think that complaining to friends and like minded people is better than therapists. How to even negotiate that whole mess? @Pentalobe Come visit me around Ukraine in 1+ month. Its real medicine you need. If you are in US then its probably total a $1750 trip. I'll get you sexed up, readjusted, world view stuff.

Pentalobe 4 months ago

4 days into the breakup, and I feel like I'm over the worst now. I can laugh at stuff again, but it still feels like there's a hole in my heart. It'll be hell all over again when I get back to sort out the logistics (Been living together the last 6 years). Currently visiting my brothers during easter. They've helped.

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