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Pentalobe 3 weeks ago

Can't get her out of my head, memories every-fuckin-where I go. NC is hard to do when your mind constantly betrays you... Going drinking with an old friend tonight, saying he'll bring some girls to cheer me up.

Pentalobe about a month ago

@destraht Would like to, but no way I have the time nor the money. Studying for a new degree now, as the market for my first degree tanked along with the oil-"depression" a few years back...

Pentalobe about a month ago

Back "home" now, got my crap packed up. She weren't home. Tried to get her back so we could talk it out like adults before I move tomorrow, but she weren't "ready to talk". If she's not ready to talk about this shit-show she's created, maybe she shouldn't have created it in the first place? I'm angry. Oh, and I'm taking the dog.

destraht about a month ago

@Noblefiz Sure. I just think that complaining to friends and like minded people is better than therapists. How to even negotiate that whole mess? @Pentalobe Come visit me around Ukraine in 1+ month. Its real medicine you need. If you are in US then its probably total a $1750 trip. I'll get you sexed up, readjusted, world view stuff.

Pentalobe about a month ago

4 days into the breakup, and I feel like I'm over the worst now. I can laugh at stuff again, but it still feels like there's a hole in my heart. It'll be hell all over again when I get back to sort out the logistics (Been living together the last 6 years). Currently visiting my brothers during easter. They've helped.

MentORPHEUS about a month ago

@Pentalobe Sometimes you have to release some excess emotion, but men cannot wallow in this state. Afterward go out and take positive action in the world and build some successes. Any action and any success will do at first, you build on these to become efficient at getting more of what you want for less effort in all your endeavors.

SeasonedRP about a month ago

@Pentalobe I don't know all the lingo. I learned all this before there were terms for everything. Whatever you call it, don't abstain from women. No LTRs. Have fun with other women and forget her. Yes to self improvement.

Pentalobe about a month ago

@TheStoicCrane Been reading a bit from the sidebar and n00b-guide over at reddit(That's partly how I understood they were all shit-tests). It's slow going now, but somehow it helps me understand somewhat.

TheStoicCrane about a month ago

@Pentalobe There's a guide to shit tests on the main TRP sidebar. We've all had hang-ups at some point or the other. It's best to learn from those experiences and grow beyond them. To develop as men have to go through pain every now and then. Growth is inherently uncomfortable but inherently rewarding.

Pentalobe about a month ago

@TheStoicCrane Been reading a bit every now and then between bawling-sessions. Realizing now she's been shit-testing me for a long time, and quite intensely lately...

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