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URL: "OmLaLa The Machiavellian"
Location: Tokyo/US
Expertise: Behavioral Analysis, Online/Texting Strategy
Age: Upper 20s
Max Bench: 325lbs
Max Squat: 315lbs

Relationship Philosophy:

Do NOT talk to them like you'd talk to men. Talk to them in their language.Women communicate through actions and body language. What she says isn't inherently important. It's what she does that matters.That being said, she's watching your body language and actions more-so than she's listening to your words. This is why most girls'll say they "want to be friends first" on dating sites; they have to see Alpha signs through body language before they can be sexual.


I am RP Machiavellianism in its purest form with a touch of Sociopathy and Charm sprinkled in then baked at roughly 450 degrees for 45 minutes. I am OmLala.

The RP Machiavellian dissects the "butterfly" in order to view his world in the purest & most objective fashion possible. But in seeing the world so objectively, you rob it of a beauty only possible through ignorance and subjectivity.

That is Machiavellianism in a nutshell; everyone and everything is a butterfly to either be dissected and studied or benefited from. Most interpersonal relationships with butterflies is through the pursuit of one's own ends. Superficiality is attached to most interpersonal relationships, feigning compassion or remorse, all while displaying a facade where the thoughts and opinions of butterflies matter. But they don't. The mindset and perceptions of butterflies can never match that of an individual; what a butterfly fears, holds dear, considers important are petty in the eyes of th

"~OmLaLa The Machiavellian~"
Age: Upper 20s | Location: Tokyo/US | Behavioral Analysis, Online/Texting Strategy
ex_addict_bro 11 months ago

@OmLaLa nvm, just saw your posts from 3 years ago. Good to see you black my brother. Are you coming to the Europe for the conference next year? You’re the only refugee I’m going to welcome with my arms open...

ex_addict_bro 11 months ago

@OmLaLa prove it’s you ;)

clavabot 11 months ago

@OmLaLa No homo, but you were missed

OmLaLa 11 months ago

@clavabot Yeah I came back.

clavabot 11 months ago

@OmLaLa The legend lives!

OmLaLa 11 months ago

I need my email/password reset @redpillschool.

OmLaLa 11 months ago

The Ark proved successful it seems. Good work admins.

TomFoo 3 years ago

@OmLaLa Reach a lifestyle of unconscious competence and constancy of desired results, in other words.

OmLaLa 3 years ago

Your mother's love is the only truly unconditional love a man will ever experience.

Ironically, it's that very same love that deludes men into believing it can be found in spouse, girlfriends and lovers. #OmLaLa

OmLaLa 3 years ago

Men will go through great lengths of self-deprecation all for the sake of love. And what's more complex, this "selfless love" isn't inherently unconditional. A man can sacrifice money and home all in the name of love for a mistress, but the beauty of said mistress is his prerequisite towards said sacrifice. #OmLaLa

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09/24/15"The Man-Eater"

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