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Location: UK
Age: 40's

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Age: 40's | Location: UK
mattyanon 2 months ago

@SwallowDontSpit Avoiding girls won't fix your girl problems, and prioritising yourself shouldn't be temporary

StrikePrice 3 months ago

@mattyanon Lesson #11. Stop defining getting a girl as success. Also, there is an abundance of women. Your snowflake is not special. If you think she is, that’s why you will lose her.

mattyanon 3 months ago

@StrikePrice Some women are much better than others. This is even more stark when you're really good, because now you've got access to the best, and you've seen the worst. Currently have a touch of oneitis too, because top girl is going to be very hard to replace with as good. Plan for next 3 months: fix this.

GayCuck 3 months ago

@mattyanon you don't have to look at everyone, but unfortunately most people don't look because they're scared, not because of disinterest. Practice looking at everyone for a few months if you're new

SwallowDontSpit 3 months ago

@mattyanon Hmmm ok, I guess I’ve probably just over-analyzed it all trying to get my eye contact down “perfect”, preciate the advice.

mattyanon 3 months ago

@Crownofstars College is generally bad in the US (viciously anti-male Title IX laws, young+inexperienced girls, many crazy).

mattyanon 3 months ago

@SwallowDontSpit Depends what you're trying to achieve. Generally trying to make eye contact with everyone is a complete waste of time and energy. Just walk around... catch people's eye if you like, glance around you as you wish. Relax. Be on holiday wherever you walk. Stare hot girls down.

mattyanon 3 months ago

@MentORPHEUS "It wasn’t until she got on the subway and looked at PayPal that she saw her payment request had been ignored" ... hahaha so dumb :)

mattyanon 3 months ago
redpillschool 3 months ago

@mattyanon Get really ready... (Sneak Peek)

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