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MatrixofLe3adership about a week ago

Super Bowl commercials: normally I mute, but I happened to catch one produced by the NFL of Goodell at a fancy dinner-party with a bunch of HOFers. It was funny stuff, but the the point is that at the very end, a girl(?-man) gets the ball and won't give it back. Very strange ending, and a perfect example of the concept of Male Space.

MatrixofLe3adership 3 weeks ago

@tb87670 The "Alert! need new product" indicators are such a ploy. Always remember to check for ulterior motives.

MatrixofLe3adership 3 weeks ago

@Whisper For real. A 33 cent razor can last for months if you stretch it. There's nothing special about a sharpened strip of metal.

MatrixofLe3adership 2 months ago

@LOTS I didn't express myself clearly/finish the thought...I 100% believe in this b/c I've experienced the same thing in areas outside the RedPill. It just makes sense.

LOTS 2 months ago
MatrixofLe3adership 2 months ago

@LOTS Despite being consistently ridiculed for his convictions, he pressed on because he knew what he experienced. Hmm...

Chaddeus_Rex 2 months ago

@MatrixofLe3adership monk mode dont help u get girls. Approaching and self improvement does

MatrixofLe3adership 2 months ago

involuntary hardcore monk mode for several months >>> finally able to get back in the game and all philosophies fly out the window, this shit is easy

MentORPHEUS 4 months ago

@MatrixofLe3adership What happened, did he wife up a BPD woman or ? Usually in these cases you have to leave it at "I'll be here if you need me" then withdraw from whatever drama and trouble comes forth. Drop a Red Pill now and then but remember people only swallow it when and how much they're ready to at that moment-don't get invested

MatrixofLe3adership 4 months ago

I finally accepted that the Matrix has fully claimed my brother. Will abandon all overt, unsolicited attempts to "help" him. Very sad day for me to realize the amazing brother I used to have is no longer there.

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but then sometimes you just want to move on

Context | Full Comments | submitted 12 hours ago by MatrixofLe3adership
Ride a motorcycle—for fun, transport, and dating

The comment you responded to and yours are the finest examples of common sense I've seen in a while.

Hell yeah I'd like to ride a motorcycle every once in a while, and maybe I will under certain conditions---but common sense will always prevail.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 12 hours ago by MatrixofLe3adership

Rollo's blog isn't as good as IM's

Context | Full Comments | submitted 16 hours ago by MatrixofLe3adership
Business is just like any other relationship.

You sound like a smart guy and I sure don't have any lessons for you which you don't already know. What resonated most with me isn't the mistake, but that you took a risk and worked hard to back it up. When I eventually figure out how to get a business going, that's exactly the lesson I want follow. To me that's more powerful than any temporary setback. Good work.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a day ago by MatrixofLe3adership
Be Excellent, Then Be Gone

I witnessed a temporary program where a little urchin from a suffering latin-american country (~12 years old?) visits a Church in the US. I also watched as the little rat identified the richest (presumably most gullible) family, performed his role beautifully, and acted like a little shit with an agenda around everyone else.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 days ago by MatrixofLe3adership
The Red Pill Penetration Rate - "Of all the men who land on red pill pages, I estimate half lack the courage to take the red pill."

I'm ashamed to admit it, but there have been times when I paused and said:

"Why did I have to unplug so completely. This is really hard."

But then I realize that I can't go back---it just won't compute. I really have no choice but to forge ahead, and damn it I will succeed.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 weeks ago by MatrixofLe3adership

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