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Location: London
Expertise: Behaviour, economics, machine learning
Age: Early 20s


LOTS = laws of the soul. LOTS is a framework to enable mastery of your inner world. It combines the trinity of self: Body, mind, and spirit, with the teachings of masters from many domains to extract the essence of living a good life.

  1. The Red Pill guides the relationships and desire to stick to the mission. Often the starting place for relinquishing from society's chains and chasing selfish goals.

  2. RUBORD / Yellow Pill keeps focus on the long term, a striving for freedom, removing addictive stimuli (food, social media, sugar), and shifting the mindset from that of passive consumer to active producer.

  3. Keto, weightlifting, HIIT, for health, strength, and discipline.

  4. Wim Hof Method for the mind-body connection, taking back ownership of the immune system, and overcoming adverse conditions everyday.

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Age: Early 20s | Location: London | Behaviour, economics, machine learning
LOTS about a week ago

@amirha She's jealous of you or trying to make you jealous?

SeasonedRP about a month ago

@LOTS Hill sprints make for a great finisher after lifting.

destraht about a month ago

@LOTS I mean ankle rolls on uneven funky surface while sprinting.

destraht about a month ago

@LOTS Sprinting is great. However I won't do it unless I'm on either fairly level sand or a decently flat dirt trail or track. I never got around to locating a convenient place in my new setup yet so for now I'm just doing a great 30 minute jogging trail. I don't think that ankle rolls or the joint wear is worth it on asphalt. Concrete, forget about it.

LOTS about a month ago

Sprinting has to be the best form of exercise. Builds strength, vo2 max, lung capacity and burns visceral fat, all whilst building those stabilising muscles in the back abdomen and glutes. Anyone disagree?

LOTS 2 months ago

Building an internal framework of mental models is key to making good decisions. TRP has a number of models, but inevitably leaves gaps. I highly recommend this website & newsletter for improving your model literacy:

destraht 2 months ago

@LOTS Sorry dude you're completely wrong. Looking back I'm most proud of the periods when I really dug in and won great Internet battles against strangers. Maybe I'm just beta but its one of the qualities that I'm most admired for out in the real world. Its difficult to signal what an Internet legend I am so my friend drops it for me.

LOTS 2 months ago

@bastenibba Only alphas spend their days arguing on internet forums hurr durr. Give it a rest dude, it'll help regenerate those neurons

LOTS 2 months ago

@bastenibba You seem to think I'm talking about you. What gave you that impression, was it "low IQ" or maybe "mud-slinging"?

nice_guy 2 months ago

@LOTS A fool and a clown are different creatures completely. Shakespeare taught us the fool is wise, he knows more about us than we do about ourselves. A clown, on the other hand, is the fool’s undignified bastard relative, incapable of wit. I’m not trying to be pedantic, just offering food for thought.

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