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Location: London
Expertise: Behaviour, economics, psychology, technology
Age: Early 20s


LOTS = laws of the soul. LOTS is a framework to enable mastery of your inner world. It combines the trinity of self: Body, mind, and spirit, with the teachings of masters from many domains to extract the essence of living a good life.

  1. The Red Pill guides the relationships and desire to stick to the mission. Often the starting place for relinquishing from society's chains and chasing selfish goals.

  2. RUBORD / Yellow Pill keeps focus on the long term, a striving for freedom, removing addictive stimuli (food, social media, sugar), and shifting the mindset from that of passive consumer to active producer.

  3. Keto, weightlifting, HIIT, for health, strength, and discipline.

  4. Win Hof Method for the mind-body connection, taking back ownership of your own immune system, and overcoming adverse conditions everyday.

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Age: Early 20s | Location: London | Behaviour, economics, psychology, technology
LOTS about a week ago

@Doctordinglefuck Low reward lifestyle is your answer.

Consumers consume to please their brain's pleasure centres through hits of dopamine. TV, music, fast food are examples of high reward behaviours gained with little effort.

Remove these inputs, get your dopamine release from long-term improvements like gym, diet, side-hustle etc

tb87670 3 months ago

@LOTS It's below freezing so I go outside to put firewood in the stove to keep pipes from freezing. I have been building up to the point that I am walking around in flip-flops, boxers and a t-shirt below freezing and my body is not "hurting" as much each time. Wim Hof is onto something, will try his system.

LOTS 4 months ago

@Doctordinglefuck Great advice.

Lots of people can't sleep because they can't silence their internal monologue. Focus on your eyelids, begin to see shapes forming, then objects, then movie-like dreams. Within a few minutes you'll be asleep.

MatrixofLe3adership 5 months ago

@LOTS I didn't express myself clearly/finish the thought...I 100% believe in this b/c I've experienced the same thing in areas outside the RedPill. It just makes sense.

LOTS 5 months ago
LOTS 5 months ago

@redhead Repeat x30, then all the way out, hold for as long as possible, easily 2 minutes upwards. Breathe, let it out and then hold.

Repeat this in 3 sets.

It activates the nervous system, raising adrenaline levels, increasing oxygen levels, testing the immune and cardiovascular system. Feels pretty great, stops you getting ill

MatrixofLe3adership 5 months ago

@LOTS Despite being consistently ridiculed for his convictions, he pressed on because he knew what he experienced. Hmm...

LOTS 5 months ago

@redhead that's feeling of exhilaration you get is primal. Focusing on that feeling then going about your day makes it better, the physical, mental, emotional benefits are not something I'd ever want to stop getting.

Check out the breathing method:

Lie on bed Deep 4 second breath in, all the way Let it out, not all the way

redhead 5 months ago

@LOTS I do this every morning for about a minute and then steam in the sauna every night for about 20 min and my skin is clearer than ever, body feels much more regulated and tougher during exercise. hacks

LOTS 5 months ago

(2/2) response.

Do it now. Stop and consciously breathe, breathe deeply.

The cold makes you breathe properly, and breathing properly makes the cold enjoyable.

Less than 1% of men can take a cold shower, and that one percent thinks everyone else is missing out.

Combine with wim hof method

= God mode

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