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Ironeyes about a month ago

@Legends_of_Men It's a great answer actually. You want to build spaceshuttles and you clearly don't know basic math. So yes, you should read the sidebar, nobody is asking you to memorise it, but at least know what you're talking about.

Legends_of_Men about a month ago

@Ironeyes That's a great non-answer. I'll throw one back at you; I see you've read the sidebar too much. I don't need to memorize the doctrine you think I should memorize to form original thoughts.

Ironeyes about a month ago

@Legends_of_Men I say you haven't read the sidebar.

Ironeyes about a month ago

@Rian_stone Ed's face is priceless

tb87670 2 months ago

@Ironeyes Exactly. That story I pointed out they keep saying they can't figure out the motivation. That's fucking dumb, everyone has heard jokes about ex-wives for the past few generations and know that one or both sides in a divorce always harbors bitter anger.

Ironeyes 2 months ago

@tb87670 My point is that people have been doing this for a while now, it's not out of the ordinary - it just gets more coverage. Might become more frequent with people being dumber but nothing major.

tb87670 2 months ago

@Ironeyes A police officer veteran in NJ shot his ex-wife and her boyfriend, the boyfriend lived. Idiots in the news still couldn't identify the motive, though we all can easily assume a few scenarios. Maybe the boyfriend was with the wife before she became an ex, maybe no, maybe she took the house and he sat in the cops favorite chair. The general layout of "why" is easy to ascertain though.

Ironeyes 2 months ago

@disabledtrp nothing new under the sun

  • WoW classic is coming out soon so no, not a trend.
Ironeyes 2 months ago

@Joshua_Pectorals lol, you just don't get it bro :))))

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