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Location: Sverige
Age: 24

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Age: 24 | Location: Sverige
StrikePrice 5 months ago

@Fraita Weakness is its own punishment as stemgth is its own reward.

TheTrenTrannyTrain 5 months ago

@Fraita You're hoping for karma, which is what weak minded people want.

Fraita 5 months ago

Somewhere in my sadistical mind i really hope that nature will start to punish the weak minded, man as women.

redpillschool 5 months ago

@Fraita Sometimes when I'm in public I wonder how many of the people around me have internal thoughts, and how many are just repeating their programming they saw on CNN.

Fraita 5 months ago

Do you, especially while "snuggling" with a hot girl, look at her looking beautiful and get that feelin'/voice saying "What are you except a fucking shell?" and it feels like you own the world.

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