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Don’t beat yourself just because you feel bad

It's good to keep in mind that not everyone are naturally suited for everything. I remember I had similar interest in actual creating music from the scratch and to learn coding and I gave up with both after a week or two of spending all my spare time on those (separately). And countless of other hobbies that I delved into to see what is it like. You have to love doing that to push through all...[More]

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Are We There Yet?

Aye aye, shipwrecking at deep sea when first mate starts a mutiny can possibly end/ruin your life. Many captains have had to drift a long time and had to rebuild their ship from scratch.

Creative way to think LTRs, thanks for sharing it!

Context | Full Comments | submitted 8 months ago by Finallyawake_
Where do you find the time?

For me it's 8 hours sleep, 8 hours work, 0,5 hour commuting from home to work back and forth, 1 hour meal prep/cooking/eating/relax, the rest is open for scheduling. On gym days approx. 1,5 hour to getting to gym+workout+shower.

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FR: Daygame Session #4: Rain, Rain, Go Away

I like reading your progress, keep it up!

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