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Vagina Envy

I mean, yeah dude. That's the way it goes. I think you're reading too far into what I'm saying. I'm just talking about the fundamental philosophy of how hard times create strong women along with strong men. I fail to see how this is related to the original point.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by Fiesta17
Vagina Envy

I mean sure, every situation is different but a king is a king and does what a king wants. There are things multiple women can do that one woman cannot and things that differ with emotional attachments. Not every king desires a harem and not every king desires a queen. Whatever situation, we are the kings of our lives, we live by the rules we choose to live by but all of our decisions have...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by Fiesta17
Vagina Envy

I just meant like, what does any man have a harem for? My understanding is to use in order to fulfill his sexual fantasies so a kings harem is for his pleasure but the queen still fills an important role in the life of a king.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 11 months ago by Fiesta17
Vagina Envy

Don't listen to the down votes on this one bro. Hard times create strong people, men, women, and everyone in between, the weak ones die off. A real man is best complimented by a strong woman who can handle the shit life throws at her, not a harem of girls with the maturity of children. There's a reason the King still has a Queen even though he has his harem for pleasure.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 12 months ago by Fiesta17
TRP Lessons/observations from my best friends sister

Bahaha dude, I had this nympho from KC MO who was a poster child for the dark triad of personality traits. I once sarcastically told her she was an LA 6 when she was daydreaming about moving to Hollywood and running the city and she wouldn't let go of that comment for the months I knew her afterwards.

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by Fiesta17
Why You Should Be An Experience

It was a tip on a frame that works followed by anecdotal evidence to reinforce different aspects of the tip and bring up possible missed perspectives on said tip. Just because you had imagined some sort of sjw neckbeard letting loose doesn't mean that's how it read. This is solid advice for people at different stages of self improvement.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 years ago by Fiesta17

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