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EvoRationalist 5 months ago


If you can meet with triumph and disaster, and treat those two impostors just the same....

EvoRationalist 7 months ago

@redhead Practice on live bullets (ain't that always good advice?); its that dangerous feelings (esp with men) one needs to become comfortable with.

redhead 7 months ago

@EvoRationalist I remember reading some comment that said hold eye contact with characters in movies/tv shows if you are watching them...its good practice

EvoRationalist 7 months ago

Hold Eye Contact (EC) in a steady manner: (>3S) - Longer than comfortable; flirt with your eyes; get them to break EC first. EC Point: UP: Do not look down; do not dart eyes away; Tip: look at the top of the head or triangulate eyes & nose. Key: EC both when SPEAKING and listening - THE EC POWER RATIO (1:1).

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