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Location: Midwest, USA
Age: 34


Unplugged since 2014. I'm from the Midwest, USA. I'm here to lend an ear and offer advice to aid those that are in their own process of unplugging

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Age: 34 | Location: Midwest, USA
DennyHardy 5 months ago

@redpillschool @TheStoicCrane I found a lot of this material helpful. Theres something for everyone in this book:

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@redpillschool this one I wasn't aware of yet. I've added it to my own list as well

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@Ratchethatchet Jack Donovan's The Way of men; Shawn T Smith's The Tactical Guide to women; The Book of Pook; The Rational Male series; Robert Glover's No More Mr Nice Guy; to name a few...

DennyHardy 5 months ago

I plan to have another blog soon. My time is currently consumed with work and VA appointments. Thank you to those who read my initial blog post. I take all feedback into consideration for future posts. If anyone from the midwest would like to offer their story, please PM me.

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@revengerence wasn't sure whether or not to spend time reading it. He lost me when he ran away to Eastern Europe a few years back. Many of his articles back then were another form of SJW complaining, but in opposition to femcentric SJW. I saw it as SJW vs SJW and became annoyed

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@Gaboyski Excellent question. Yes, it violates Iron Rule #4 unless children are involved. I've heard the advice to never marry unless you plan to have children. I have the point of view that common law is the state's way of trying to control relationships and it's not their business. I will elaborate more later today after more thought

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@tb87670 send me a PM when you get a chance. I'd like to include your point of view in a future post.

tb87670 5 months ago

@DennyHardy Can't fit much in one post. Some towns within an hour of me have meth problems. The crackheads skitter about, their feet sound like a racoon running from the trash can as they hide in a nearby bush. The women want you to stay the night (comfort) but don't in these places, they smell fresh blood and find your ride. Every time.

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@indecipherablewonder I've been using this to convert the files for offline listening:

DennyHardy 5 months ago

@TheViolat0r He's referring to the George Orwell novel titled 1984. Its in the same league as Farenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury

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