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Location: Midwest, USA
Age: 34


Unplugged since 2014. I'm from the Midwest, USA. I'm here to lend an ear and offer advice to aid those that are in their own process of unplugging

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Age: 34 | Location: Midwest, USA
bear-with-bit 2 days ago

@DennyHardy Introducing RP to other men today is like trying to sell sand in a desert. They have everything they need on their phone. No one in my life taught me shit, I found trp on reddit while browsing r/divorce. Help those who are already helping themselves. For the rest, save your breath. Would rather take a nap then help a bloopie

DennyHardy 3 days ago

@redhead (2)... be their own mental point of origin. Self improvement and self actualization are paths to that. The simplest way is to find a hobby and master it. The groupies will eventually follow. Obtaining the affections of women shouldn't be the goal, but merely a pleasant side effect. So, to a degree, I agree with you

DennyHardy 3 days ago

@redhead (1) I understand now. Organizing one's life around vag is simple pedestalization. One cannot be their own mental point of origin. Many find their way to TRP in pursuit of wanting to relight an old flame or want to simply get a girl. When they do that it is up to us to teach them to ....

redhead 3 days ago

@DennyHardy I want men to take responsibility for the future of society. Instead we're all focusing on getting our dicks wet, which is great, but it doesn't make sense to organize your life around the pursuit of vagina.

DennyHardy 3 days ago

@herodotus (2) He'll have to put his foot down and make it a non issue without negotiating desire. As I went back to read it again without cringing, its likely she wants the Alpha Fux guilt free. His signal comment about his kids is a cry for help too, as if it was something he wants to use for emotional leverage

DennyHardy 3 days ago

@herodotus She's probably having her epiphany about missing out on her best party years. That post was hard to read, man. Hes lost frame and needs to work hard to get it back. Dread game is right. Its possible that she'll try to turn it around on him to make the inevitable divorce his fault. This man needs TRP in his life

DennyHardy 4 days ago

@redhead please elaborate... I may have missed the beginning of this thought. You have me curious

winninglosing about a week ago

@DennyHardy Fair enough,thanks man.

DennyHardy about a week ago

@jwayne @winninglosing I share the same sentiments. If you're already worried about appearing too needy you are in her frame. Use scarcity as a tool. Spin that plate, carry on with your life. Invite her out when you want to go. If the desire is genuine she'll find a way to meet you on your terms.

DennyHardy about a week ago

@jwayne @tb87670 our duty and role in being among the unplugged is to lend that open ear and guide the ill-informed to better themselves. The best we can do is offer wisdom. It is their choice whether or not to follow it. Sometimes it sticks and sometimes it doesn't. This is the modern day survival of the fittest.

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