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Location: Florida
Expertise: Psychology of Business
Age: 33
Max Bench: 350
Max Squat: 495

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Age: 33 | Location: Florida | Psychology of Business
DanteDriller 2 years ago

@GayLubeOil Politics aside as this is only a joke. Please don't take offence if you don't like Trump or don't at least have the acronym MAGA tattooed on your hands, neck, or forehead. :)

DanteDriller 2 years ago

Plenty of Fish < OKCupid < HotOrNot < Tinder < Bumble for the quality of women; at least here in Central Florida.

I don't recommend anyone 2 visit here for more than just a trip 2 the theme parks. I am actually looking to get out of this area sooner than later. Any recommendations for a white (non-jewish) man 34 years of age? Thanks!

RedRum 2 years ago

@DanteDriller that wall wont keep in all that pussy you're about to be raking in

DanteDriller 2 years ago

So I made my headline for POF "#BuildTheWall". This is definitely a winner right?

DanteDriller 2 years ago

@GayLubeOil his cuck, uber sensivitive, unethical queer ass needs to be gone asap. Have you seen him? Physiognomy is real!

DanteDriller 2 years ago

@JohannesFactotum I misread this. I was thinking the Fedora was a yarmulke. Oops. Haha.

DanteDriller 3 years ago

So proud of my English friends with the #brexit. Fuck them elitist bankers

DanteDriller 3 years ago

@millennialRP i agree sir. this is my target tonight. do you guys want pics?

millennialRP 3 years ago

@DanteDriller I've come to terms w the fact that an open LTR is probably the best end game we can seek

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