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Cyber_Occultist 5 months ago

They make a few decent remarks on aggression and vulnerability, but they miss the point. As primates we had to be capable of aggression due to our relatively small size compared to large carnivores; we're not invincible. The brain is deigned to survive, but plenty of idiots want to live in a realm of pure ideas and not biological fact.

Cyber_Occultist 5 months ago

@GayLubeOil It reads like a P.C. new ager with a BA in psych vomited his morality onto a piece of paper. Incredibly sloppy thinking. They fail to recognize male brains have up to 30% fewer connections across the corpus callosum (between left & right hemispheres) than female brains, which accounts for a dramatic difference in behavior.

Cyber_Occultist 5 months ago

@StrikePrice neurotic fetish due to some latent emotional trauma? Or she is a masochist that finds satisfaction in being used (not unlike many people beneath the surface), which is not mutual exclusive to the former

Cyber_Occultist 5 months ago

@TheStoicCrane Going out to party once a month is good for the soul.

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