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Vagina Envy

You don't become the King by chasing after the Queen. The Queen comes naturally, as a byproduct of you being the fucking King.


Patrice O'Neal on the topic skip to 9:20 to spare yourself the irrational ramblings of the women present

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by Count_Giggles
Make her day.

I recall last November.

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The Most Important Part Is Just Not Giving Up On Yourself

Play to win - or not at all

same goes for addiction. Being sober is like being alive - either you are, or you are not.

Good post. I really like the mindset of my body being my best friend.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 6 months ago by Count_Giggles
Holding Frame = Tingles

I agree. if you are not willing to leave don't put out an ultimatum.

Sounds like you entered her frame (correct me if I am wrong guys. I am still learning) Giving an ultimatum is showing that you don't have any other resources to handle the situation

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Ancient Technology discovered which turned soyboys into Chads

This comes at the perfect time.

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