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Become the Prize

The reason "become the prize" is the answer to "what do I say to girl X when she does Y" is because, when you become the prize, you no longer care about what to say when girl X does Y. That in turn becomes the answer

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 days ago by BurnoutRS
Joining an INCEL Group is Fucking Retarded. There is no Black Pill.

I had this argument with a friend in the pit at school one day many years ago. We were discussing the use of dipping sauces with pizza. There were two pizza places by my school. One sold quality pizza, italian family owned, stone oven. The other was a shitty chain that slapped cheese and sauce on cardboard.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 4 days ago by BurnoutRS
Using Temptation Bundling and Polarization to Cut Down on Smoking Weed While Approaching (and hopefully banging) More Women

Car accident survivor. Recovering from brain and spinal cord injuries. About 3 years in. Marijuana is my life blood in some ways. Its also a double edged sword. I started doing drugs at thirteen and my use certainly wasnt medicinal. At least, not in terms of medicating the way I understand it now. In some ways you might liken the experimentation of my youth as me seeking a remedy to my...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 weeks ago by BurnoutRS
Jeff Bezos to divorce wife of 25 years, leading to the costliest divorce settlement ever...

I wonder how heinous it is to fuck Judge Judy?

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by BurnoutRS
Men control their emotions

Ive been dealing with this issue lately. I find myself being more aware and more critical of how emotional im being. Say I wake up one morning and dont immediately spring to my feet, ready to face the day. For a moment I think "do I really have to get out of bed?"

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by BurnoutRS
Why "I am the prize" mentality is bullshit and what you need to do instead

There is a time and place for everything

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a month ago by BurnoutRS

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