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Age: 25

Relationship Philosophy:

Women are sex objects. Men are success objects.


My oneitis girl has damaged me and has opened my eye to the reality. I am not sure whether I am angry at her, or grateful to her.

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Age: 25
nr368 about a month ago

@BobbyShaftoe I asked if she could read braille because I have a script I want her to read in my waist band

nr368 about a month ago

@BobbyShaftoe approached a hb7 in the sauna then challenged her to see who could stay the longest while flexing my muscles asking if she was thirsty (hint she was) I won then got the number and forgot her name so that's fun

BobbyShaftoe about a month ago

Cold approached an HB7, 17yo girl at a cafe. To my delight, we cliqued and an hour of chatting ensued. Her:"Do you read a lot of books?" Me:"Yeah, of course, I always have books with me." Her:"Really? What do you have with you now?" Me, realizing I have Rollo's Rational Male Volume III and, Adam Leonas's The Empress is Naked ...

BobbyShaftoe about a month ago

Going through some university festival at my dorm complex right now. And I am amused that I can realize most of the inter-sexual dynamics Rollo, BlackLabelLogic, IllimitableMan, etc., mentions on their writings.

That "red pill lens" really amuses me.

BobbyShaftoe 2 months ago

What is the state of sosuave forum? Has it lost its mojo or something?

destraht 3 months ago

@BobbyShaftoe There are a number of open source "federated" social platforms. I think that any particular one is not larger than they are because of programming language purists who go with another. Ultimately due to the fragmented space it will produce well designed data exchange protocols for working between platforms.

BobbyShaftoe 3 months ago

Curious: why this forum is not part of the Mastodon Federation? (

Inb4 gay mascot

Or, is there a mastodon instance created for manosphere?

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