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Expertise: Dark Arts of the Red
Age: 25-35

Relationship Philosophy:

Men should only have three true commitments in life

To himself, his time, and his freedom

All of which women rarely provide

But always consume


I like women as much as the next guy

I just don't enjoy most of them

"Must have skinnier legs than me"
Age: 25-35 | Dark Arts of the Red
Bancroft 11 months ago

  The saddest part of women wearing different masks for different men isn't the duplicity, it's the fact they genuinely care so little about actual personality traits that they view them like how a man views his underwear: cheap, replaceable, and only fully removed when they're completely hidden from sight or for the act of sex.

Bancroft 10 months ago

  Woman's love is no different than money: faked by the cleverest, valued by the poorest, and used by the wisest to control weaker men's time, energy, and loyalty for their own profitable and selfish cause.

Bancroft 5 months ago

Ambivalence is not in a woman's vocabulary. She'll spend her last waking hours on Earth to determine "what it means" and "if this is right". She may occasionally rely on actual fact and reasoning but to her, those are secondary to what's most important to her: "Deciding" what actions gain pleasure or remove pain from her AND only her.

Bancroft 5 months ago

Unlike men that can separate objective value from emotion, a woman's actions toward you are solely based on how she feels about you and the topic. She can't live with the dissonance of "liking" something she doesn't feel "right" about. And unlike men, women only have two sides to their coin: Good or bad, like or dislike. Just like a child

MentORPHEUS 6 months ago

@Bancroft Favorited for owning your shit.

Bancroft 6 months ago
Bancroft 6 months ago

@Rollo-Tomassi Hey Rollo. Just wanted to apologize and say my actions from months ago were really dumb and completely uncalled for. I was intoxicated (yes, this is a poor reason) and obviously delusional in my claims. I really appreciate you taking mercy and not bringing down the hammer on me. Thanks for your writing.

RedRum 6 months ago
Bancroft 6 months ago

Guys can't get over oneitis because they're in denial about their subconscious idealistic dream that one day her feelings would change for them. Best way to end this is to ensure the dream can never happen. Writing love letters or being "vulnerable" about your feelings work great. She'll be so repulsed by weakness you will have 0 chance

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