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herodotus 5 months ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 yeah we did. I asked her if she didnt have permission to talk to other guys to which she replied : do you think wed just be talking then? was going to wait a bit and say wed be drinking too and change topic. Then tell her to come to my area rather than other way around.

AwakenedSovereign20 5 months ago

@herodotus uhh have you two been fucking or not? Lack of context.

AwakenedSovereign20 6 months ago

@TexasT Welcome to the real world. Never quit.

Doctordinglefuck 6 months ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 yeah theres definitely an effort curve and if you remember the top 5 basic principles in any field and apply them consistently then you will get consistent results like magic, but its not magic, its just discipline. For example: hold frame, agree and amplify, neg, escalate/lead, and the bitch management heirarchy. 5.

AwakenedSovereign20 6 months ago

@sir_wankalot_here This nugget is usually best for new guys who think the solution to girl problems is "more aggro".

Surely if I spend more time and energy tryna meet chicks it will work right? Right!? WHY ISNT THIS WORKING IM TRYING HARDER AND GETTING LAID LESS

Meanwhile those guys are ignoring that they are low value.

AwakenedSovereign20 6 months ago

@redhead "Twice per week" basically means two nights out. I socialize everyone I come into contact with pretty much, even the grocery store checkout babes.

0% porn so far for November 0 Gaming/Netflixing Social outings at 2+ per week

redhead 6 months ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 Twice? cmon brother socialize every second youre out there.

AwakenedSovereign20 6 months ago


No porn. Not even a glance.

Cancelled Netflix subscription. Uninstalled Steam. No movies or gaming while at home.

Will socialize at least twice per week.

Doctordinglefuck 7 months ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 poor docs.. they live their whole life thinking theyre helping people when really theyre glorified drug dealers

SeasonedRP 7 months ago

@AwakenedSovereign20 At your age, I wouldn't worry about conceiving on TRT doses. It's quite possible to do so. I know many who have. If there is an issue, you can add HCG to stimulate natural production. Most docs are clueless in this area.

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