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URL: The Asshole
Location: Texas
Expertise: Everything
Age: 37
Max Bench: 200
Max Squat: 260

Relationship Philosophy:

Every relationship, whether romantic, social, or professional, has a power dynamic. Being a confident, valuable man carries across all of your relationships. When you are powerful in that way, you can do whatever you want, and others will love it, simply tolerate it, or leave. The ones that leave are just replaced by others, because people are drawn to valuable, powerful men.

Become powerful, and you'll never have to worry about another person again. They'll all worry about you instead.

"They're just women."
Age: 37 | Location: Texas | Everything
redpillbanana about a week ago

@Archwinger Everywhere in the manosphere you're two clicks away from GLO:

RedRum about a week ago

@Archwinger GLO did the opposite for me. Whenever I saw the word 'gay' I used to think of flaming homosexual behavior. Now I think of a burly Russian on the internet.

Archwinger about a week ago

@RedRum GayLubeOil has ruined the internet. Every time you search for me on Google, he comes up as a suggested link.

Archwinger 2 weeks ago

@TomFoo Yup. Now every time somebody thinks about the Wachowskis, instead of thinking about an epic trilogy of movies, all they'll think about is sexual deviancy. Way to piss on their family name.

Archwinger 3 weeks ago

@GayLubeOil That's been obvious for some time. Accusing the other side of violence, bigotry, a desire to oppress free speech -- it's all just projection. When they have power, this is how they use it, so they project and assume anybody with power over them would do the same.

Archwinger 3 weeks ago

Lift weights, make bank, become interesting, learn how to socialize. That's how you fuck girls. The work is hard, but the path is clear. Guys who say that they don't know what to do are full of shit. They know exactly what to do but hope someone will tell them that all they really need to do is read TRP and think differently inside.

JohannesFactotum 3 weeks ago

@Archwinger Trump may set the new standard of try-and-measure-results leadership vs. study-it-for-years-and-maybe-legislate or blind-legislation-without-measure.

Archwinger 3 weeks ago

@redpillschool Trump doesn't seriously expect to affect terrorism with this move. It's just a power play. A demonstration of "Yes, I very much do intend to govern in the same manner I campaigned. And I'm president, so I can. Fuck you, retarded liberals. Go sign a petition and march somewhere in impotent protest, losers."

Archwinger about a month ago

Women make poor eye contact when they're dealing with men they respect and admire. If she's staring at your eyes when she speaks, it's not confidence, love, or respect. She's watching you to see your reaction. To see if you believe her. To see how much you know and if you can tell she's lying.

GayLubeOil about a month ago

@Archwinger Read Wikileaks than go back and watch some Clinton speaches

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