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OP's Virgin Princess of 4 years Gives Virginity to Chad Thundercock in 3 Days

The final message from this guy was pretty decent though, guy is not a raging beta. He lived a disney illusion like all of young bluepilled folks did. One pill swallowed for him, probably a little more to go. Girls have alpha widowhood when they get disillusioned about their disney prince. Men get red pill rage and red pill malaise when their disney princess fails....[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 2 months ago by Ananonguy88
Woman believes she's dating the perfect man until he reveals that he was repeatedly raped as a child. She proceeds to distance herself and contemplate a break-up

Before we start chanting AWALT, consider that receiving such emotional weight after 5 months of dating probable tinder match guy can be quite heavy for a girl looking for Instagram brag material. Be honest, if a girl broke down crying to me about childhood rape after 5 months of casual dating I'd also reconsider....[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Ananonguy88
Erectile Dysfunction Boner Party 2019: Sexual encounters in the big apple

I have ED and condom switch off too. It works like in 50% of cases, but because it's only from performance anxiety I don't want any meds. If it is only in my head it's better to not create additional conditioning like "I can't go without pills", I'm not some grandpa yet. I've decided suffer it through, maybe someday I'll get over it by braving it or the amount of humiliation will...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Ananonguy88
As a Woman the Wall is Inevitable, As a Man your Wall is a Choice

With today's medicine, plastic surgeries + fit lifestyle woman can also postpone her wall quite a lot, she will always lose to younger ones though in competition for top tier men. Also, she needs to spend much more money and time investment for successful preservation.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Ananonguy88
Shit Test your overprotective parents before it's too late

I'm slowly learning to not be angry at may parents and own my shit. Sometimes it's still hard....[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Ananonguy88
Gather your tribe, do not homogenize yourself.

I always dreamed about creation of some kind of order/brotherhood for men to retreat from society for some time of monkmode and unplugging. High discipline and iron daily routine, daily collective physical exercises, martial arts, own libraries and lots of resources and studies on useful stuff like technical degrees/medicine/law. Monks would use those to make money to sustain the order. Also...[More]

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by Ananonguy88

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