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Women are from Venus. Episode 1: Crying at Work

Christy Braisely Ford

Context | Full Comments | submitted 3 months ago by AlphaTrumpsfapping
I'm the owner and I pay taxes? Nope. I'm a mere subscriber.

Protip, Get an LLC, LLC only pays taxes on profits. Make sure it never makes a profit

LLC must take care of it's employee... Never pay yourself or that's income tax.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 6 months ago by AlphaTrumpsfapping
The Golden Ticket

100% Adults should be able to make a better life for their children.

A dollar in the hands of the individual always goes further than in the hands of the government.

Context | Full Comments | submitted 9 months ago by AlphaTrumpsfapping
The 4 Pillars of Health

I started making a list like this long before I found the red pill. I came up with body, mind and spirit. But these 4 pillars are much better

Context | Full Comments | submitted about a year ago by AlphaTrumpsfapping

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