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10211799107 10 months ago

@CleverRaptor77 youll be fucked in the court if it's a common law state. And she'll likely get the kids with you seeing them once a month and paying child support. Dont do it. Get a surrogate in Russia or in some Eastern European country. Have the kid and bring it to the states. Or your country.

RedKiwi 10 months ago

@10211799107 tbh, I don't see how it would work any other way. Call it nature's way if you will.

10211799107 10 months ago

@StrikePrice must be my charm and pretty eyes who knows. Deciaion like this is def a new one.

10211799107 10 months ago

@RedKiwi if only it made sense to judge them the same way we get judged. World would be a different place.

StrikePrice 10 months ago

@10211799107 I’m not saying do it or don’t. I’m saying take pride that you have the power to decide. You’ve done something right ???? What anyone else would do is irrelevant.

RedKiwi 10 months ago

@10211799107 when the shoe is on the other foot the outcomes are not reversed. More likely, if the shoe was on the other foot her response would be something to the effect of "you should of not got so attached"

10211799107 10 months ago

@Gaboyski Plates dont know. My curve ball is shell pair bond when i fuck her good expecting, with a serious love tone, monogomy. Talking about it is useless since they're emotional and will go along with any story i spin.

10211799107 10 months ago

@GayCuck Likely. Shes so fucking religious too. She'll cling to me like cum on a porn stars face after she pair bonds.

10211799107 10 months ago

@StrikePrice Good point. She is in the game of marriage and "the one" where i am not obviously. Shes naive about all this. Part of me wants to part doeant want to ruin her first love. Shoot me i have a conscious.

10211799107 10 months ago

@Jagannatha Marriage and procreation are not in my future. "Round yourself as a man", youre funny.

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Man Sues Wife After Doctors Reveal He’s Not the Father of His 3 Sons Because He’s Infertile

Cheaper than you think. 5yrs storage equals one month of child support about.

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Another version of true power is the ability to control the perception people have of you. In all aspects of your life.

You either manipulate, or be the manipulated. You can use it for good or bad.

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Listen to replies here. I tested first time after 20 ejacs. Literally waited two months and cleaned pipes over 40 times. Then tested gain. Make sure it worked and wait for test two after 35+ ejacs.

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Always strive to be the most dangerous man in the room.

You must use equal force otherwise you'll be the one in jail. Don't listen to this idiot.

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The male-shaming is real in the bluepill hell.

Never overtly make your intentions known. Don't verbalize your need for anything.

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