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RedRum 6 months ago

@alpha-secretase you're speaking in context of evolutionary biology I'm speaking in context of living well. As men we have the burden of performance and are often thrown into impossible situations. Women on the other hand- everyone wants to fuck em or thinks their angels so they go out of their way for women.

Rollo-Tomassi about a year ago

@alpha-secretase agreed, but BP conditioning predisposes and molds a guy's capacity to recognize Frame. Thus the need to unplug and unlearn the BP mindset. If it were just about thinking differently no one would need TRP.

GayLubeOil about a year ago

@alpha-secretase either she was going to fuck him in the ass or someone else was. Either way his ass was certainly for the taking.

GayLubeOil about a year ago

@alpha-secretase here is the message expanded upon

GayLubeOil about a year ago

@alpha-secretase hur Durr GaylubeOil said something mildly Intellectual, let me reduce it to my Average level of understanding

-Anteros- about a year ago

@alpha-secretase Yes. Now whether a Dweeb Triad individual had such a social position in the first place is questionable.

-Anteros- about a year ago

@alpha-secretase In this case, the ego appeal is being a DT bad ass who is never unsure, always wins and can play other people like a fiddle. Carnegie would disapprove. The better position is being one with a an antifragile ego (experienced) so one can incorporate themselves with social intelligence instead of getting lost in details.

-Anteros- about a year ago

@alpha-secretase Thats longer answer than just one message. The short story is that Machiavellian tactics appeal to the ego of the user but they fail the test of time. "Ruling" people is much more complex than just applying the Dweeb Triad which boils down to: be confident, take risks and use the motivations of others intelligently.