disabledtrp about a day ago

@redpillschool i don't know where you host, but i can vouch for this providers on cheap & dedicated servers: Hetzner auction, Kimsurfi, dacentec.

redpillschool 2 days ago

Sorry for the downtime, server upgrades (again). Big stuff.

destraht 4 days ago

@redpillschool Emulation Station. Its easy to build. Retropie forked the code because it was dead. You just have to add in XML sections per system, not so bad really. Clone the theme into a directory.

redpillschool 4 days ago

@destraht what front end are you using

redpillschool 5 days ago

@jwayne I'm just guessing at the stats. I'm not sure if I've seen anything suggesting that skinny / fit men are also experiencing it as a group. Only that men as a group are- and as a side note, everybody is experiencing the obesity epidemic.

jwayne 5 days ago

@redpillschool What about all the non-obese males with low-T? Its obvious theres way more of them than there used to be, wouldn't you say?

redhead about a week ago

@redpillschool just read a book called Tribe... I'll try this out. Also the site looks good man

redpillschool about a week ago

@jwayne T levels are going down. Waist lines are going up. I think it's more to do with obesity epidemic.

redpillschool about a week ago

New Tribe Chatrooms are shaping up nicely. If you want to try it out, visit update.trp.red

Kexryn about a week ago

@redpillschool I wanted to do a wired meshnet (for higher speeds than wireless), but it won't work unless I can convince enough people in my neighbourhood, and I'm soon moving to another country anyway.

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